Fully glazed pool enclosure, featuring a bespoke design and fabrication, to a grade II listed Manor House in the Cotswolds. 


The structure itself is supported off a 15 metre pre cambered lattice beam; eliminating the need for any obtrusive structural posts within the space. In multiple instances the structure itself has been utilised to channel air for an extensive pool ventilation system. Rain water is handled by a completely bespoke solution; a folded stainless steel continuous gutter profile was specially made and lined with a durable neoprene water proof membrane designed to feed into a proportion of the structural columns around the perimeter, fabricated in stainless steel and housing a completely hidden down-pipe which is picked up by a drainage system in the pool basement.


Due to the nature of the pool environment all steelwork is finished with a specially sourced paint finish ordinarily employed on oil platforms, albeit in a hue typical of the Cotswolds.

Structure: O'Brien and Price

Pool Enclosure,



11   /   08   /   2013